Luxury Facial Toner


Luxury Facial Toner

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Cleanse | Hydrate | Balance |

Handcrafted with all skin-types in mind to help, not harm, your skin.

Our facial toners are perfect for refreshing and revitalizing your skin. Use them during your daily skincare routines or throughout the day, as needed, to restore hydration. This versatile toner also doubles as a setting spray; use it to maintain a fresh dewy look.

Usage: Apply directly and massage into your skin. Cleanse skin and apply to the face and neck (we recommend applying with a cotton ball/pad). *Discontinue if any irritation occurs. 

Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Cane Sugar Alcohol, Pure Aloe Vera, Natural Tea Tree Hydrosol, Dried Rose Petals or Calendula Flowers, Natural Rose Quartz Gemstones.

Organic Witch Hazel and Cane Sugar Alcohol Benefits: Hypoallergenic | Reduces blemishes | Controls oil | Pore-tightening | Refreshing | Cleansing |

3.4oz Pour Bottle (Travel Friendly) | Non-toxic | 100% Vegan |Cruelty-Free | Fragrance & Oil Free | No Sulfates | Phthalates- Free |

*Products are made to order as flower discoloration occurs with time and settling due to its natural state.