About DNF

DNF is a female and black-owned affordable luxury brand that seeks to redefine luxury for everyday people. I feel that for too long, luxury brands have excluded the very people that prop the brands up and given the times, it's so important to bring accessible products to everyone. I create and retail ethical and sustainable products that include our signature coconut wax wooden-wick candles, natural skincare products, and small homeware items; all of which are specially curated by me to bring conscious products to others without compromising their budget or lifestyle.

 In Portuguese, "de novo" means starting over, or anew, and my hope is that my products will allow everyone who uses them to start over and really practice "good" self-care by using our luxurious, well-made products instead of products that could harm them or expose them to toxins. For me, using products that feel good and are good is so important and I wanted to share that with others who appreciate the same things; truly "good" products that allow people to feel joy and happiness, enjoy lavish experiences, and recall and experience blissful memories... to me, that is what luxury is all about.

Everything I share with my customers is rooted in culture and inspired by my pursuit of abundance, blessings, healings, and growth.

My brand identity and success are rooted in people's ability to connect to or relate to my brand and one way to ensure that DNF reaches other is by increasing our visibility online and in-stores but by also engaging with our consumers through via (other) relatable brands and brand ambassadors who personally showcase, use, and retail our products.

I created and launched my business at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic which was challenging and definitely impacted the way in which I launched. Initially, no in-person events were happening so DNF was really built on people's trust in my ability to deliver products that captured everything I wanted customers to experience whether it was them reading the product descriptions, opening a package, or browsing my collections online; everything had to resonate with them prior to them actually "experiencing" or ever seeing my products anywhere.

That is why DNF is so personal; yes, it's my brand but how I showcase and market every single product has to be about the experience because it's all that my customers had to go off of for so long; my experience...how it felt for me...what I wanted it to be to and for them... that really allowed me to go deep into every single step of my creative process and journey and that's made a big difference on how I connect with my customers to date. They trust that I am crafting things that I enjoy for myself and make with them in mind. That's everything to me.